Monday, October 23, 2006

Madonna must be stopped. Yes, I know, there are many others who want to stop her too (thank God), but I have a different reason for trying. This is a perspective that has not been covered in the media—and it is not surprising, considering the mainstream media’s tendency to disregard religion oriented stories. My problem with Madonna is this: She is a follower of Kabbalah, an ancient Occult offshoot of Judaism, yet she has taken a child from a Christian family in a predominantly Christian nation to openly raise in a religion that is not Christian.

Mr. Banda, David’s father, believes Madonna is “a nice Christian lady.” She may be nice, but she’s anything but Christian. Little David will not be raised by a nice Christian lady. He will be raised by parents deeply absorbed with the Occult. He will be raised by a woman who places herself publicly on a monstrous cross--in open contempt for Christians, and for the death of Jesus Christ.

Madonna wants to adopt David, and then build a large orphanage to house Malawi children . . . and teach them Kabbalah. The mortality rate for these children and their mothers is high, and this orphanage is desperately needed. But at what cost? Little David will never be taught the faith of his family and his country. Someone lied to Mr. Banda about Madonna’s religion. The question is, who?

The people of Malawi are predominantly Christian. Kabbalah is Occult Mysticism. Madonna is certainly not a Christian--Kabbalah denies the basics of the Christian faith. Little David Banda will be raised in an Occult-based religion opposed to Christianity.

Christians need to take notice of this and say something. Even more, they need to do something. We need Christian orphanages in Malawi. This is a battle not only for the lives of Malawi’s children, but for their souls.

Madonna must be stopped.


Would you like to help? Email Matt Drudge at The Drudge Report and ask him to carry this story on his site ( If he does, every news organization will take notice.

I can guarantee you God cares about Malawi--and we should, too.


Dwayna Litz said...

Thanks for this encapsulation. With my move to NYC, I have not had a chance to watch the news lately and have not taken the time to read the paper either, since I am on the road driving cross country!

Of course, I did hear that Madonna will be on Oprah soon [I think today (Wed.) or sometime this week]to discuss this. That should be an interesting segment from an authentic Christian perspective!

6:43 AM  

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