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Here are the rules.
Violating these will get you banned!

  1. No foul language: cursing, swearing, taking the Lord's name in vain.
  2. No personal character attacks on board members.
  3. No posting of indecent material, text or images.
  4. No multiple usernames. One username per poster.
  5. No misrepresenting yourself as someone else on the board.
  6. No filling up the board with large amounts of pasted material.
  7. No posting the same message on multiple boards.
  8. No posting material on behalf of someone who has been banned.
Prior to being banned you will receive two warnings, unless the offense is so grievous in my opinion, then you will be banned immediately.

Once banned, you will not be allowed back on the board for a minimum of two weeks, and then, only if you agree to follow the board rules.

If you can not agree to keep the above rules please do not enter the board.
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