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Walter Martin Columnists

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Dwayna Litz
Lighting The Way Worldwide

Dwayna Litz grew up singing hymns in churches and crusades as a soloist for revival meetings affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. She is president and founder of Lighting The Way Worldwide, which is an aggregate of street ministries of apologetics. It is front line evangelism to the lost with locations in California (Venice Beach, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Long Beach), Colorado (Boulder), and New York City. This ministry also actively takes a stand against evangelical feminism, contemplative prayer practices, and the emergent church movement.

Dwayna is a contributor for Christian Research Net and is a columnist for Christian Worldview Network, Walter Martin Ministries, and California Christian News. She has been on national radio shows sharing her testimony, warning of New Age deception, and exposing the "mother-god" teachings and dangers of evangelical feminism. Research and updates can be found on her blog daily at She finds her First Love in Jesus and telling others about Him, giving a reason for the hope that lies within her, living for Heaven to see Him face to face.

Gentiles Confused About the Jews

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Jan Markell
Olive Tree Ministries

Jan Markell has been in ministry almost 25 years. She has authored eight books with major publishing houses, and produced ten videos/DVDs. Jan has been in leadership with many different ministries.

In 1992, she launched her own organization, "Olive Tree Ministries, Inc." which produces a newsletter internationally titled "Understanding the Times", hosts conferences on current issues, and produces a weekly live, call in radio program on the Minneapolis/St. Paul affiliate of the Salem Radio Network, KKMS-AM980. The program airs every Saturday from 9 AM - 11 AM CST and Sundays from 12 - 2 PM and is also titled "Understanding the Times." The program is aired on many radio outlets as well as Internet radio. Consult the Web site for listening options. Some of Jan's best-selling books include Gone The Golden Dream (Bethany House), Trapped In Hitler's Hell (Tyndale House and Gospel Publishing House), Somebody Love Me! (Tyndale House), and Waiting For A Miracle: Reflections on Affliction (Baker Book House).

Mixing Paganism With the Passion

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Kurt Van Gorden
Utah Gospel Mission

Kurt Van Gorden began his work in Christian Apologetics under Dr. Walter Martin's ministry in 1976 as a staff researcher, writer, and missionary. He also filled in as Dr. Martin's teaching assistant and directed his Bible classes. He is currently directing Jude 3 Missions and the Utah Gospel Mission, which began in 1898 as the oldest mission to cults in America. In addition to writing the book Mormonism (Zondervan, 1995), he contributed chapters to works by Drs. Walter Martin, Josh McDowell, Alan Gomes, and Ronald Enroth.

Sheep Stealing: How the Cults Infiltrate Christian Churches

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