View Full Version : For unto us a Child is BORN, for unto us a Son is given

James Banta
12-24-2013, 03:00 PM
Tomorrow I won't be on WM at all. I will be celebrating that GREAT GIFT OF GOD that is my Lord Jesus, the CHRIST.. As I do this I will remember that He is the Mighty God, THE EVERLASTING FATHER, THE PRINCE OF PEACE.. I will not celebrate the spirit brother of Lucifer. I will not celebrate a being that became a God after the Father was already God.. I will be celebrating the FACT that God made Jesus, who is Himself God, The God whom lived among us, He who had never sinned, to become sin in our place, taking on the full punishment for my sin that I can become the righteousness of God in Him..

What can we do but Stand amazed at the Love Jesus offers us. Stunned that He would fully give us His grace based on a faith that He has provided for us.. This is so wonderful that most people especially the LDS deny that God's grace is given to those that have received the faith He has given. That grace is the gift they insist is CHEEP grace.. There was nothing cheep in the pain endured and the blood shed by the Lord. There is nothing minor about sin.. Any sin.. It deserves death.. And all of us have sinned..

Christian will celebrate tomorrow, God's provision for our sin in the Child that was born the image of the invisible God.. May we be Merry in all that God has done for us especially in the Gift of Jesus to the world we remember tomorrow..

Merry Christmas

IHS jim