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11-23-2016, 06:01 AM
Why did Adam die?
He sinned.

So the sin killed him?..the moment he sinned he dropped over dead?
No he lived for many years yet.

But what killed him?
God said that if he ate of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil he would die.

Is that what the Bible says?...for my bible says that the "day" he eats of the tree he will die....So did he die that very same day?
Well yes and no, he did live for a long time after, but that day he died, just 'spiritually"

In other words..."invisibly"?
Yes...he died in the flesh years later but he died that same day spiritually.

Thats fine, except for one thing, Thats not in the BIBLE!
What do you mean?

The Bible tells us that god told Adam that the day he eats of the tree he will die, case closed, there is not a word about living for years but just dying spiritually that same day!

Well we know it could not be just talking about physical death because Adam lived long past that day, so it must be talking about spiritual death.
Why must it be talking about something that it does not say one word about in the text?

Well unless its talking about Adam dying spiritually then there is a problem as God clearly said he would die that very same day..

Oh I get it now, the way you understand the story kinda forces you to come up with the "He died spiritually" because without that answer God's words are in error?

Well....there is not a hint that god was talking about Adam just dieing spiritually that same day, thats an invented idea just to help get God off the hook.

You might just as well say "Adam died Metaphysically"...or "Romantically"... or "symbolically" as they are just as not found in the text as saying he died "spiritually"...

All such invented answers are just aimed at getting God off the hook of being wrong...

and they are groundless...and false....

They have no support in the Bible...

So what killed Adam then?

The only thing the Bible says killed Adam! what the Bible says, and that that Adam died at a very old age.....

Thats all?..but what about God's judgement?

God's judgement is the real reason he died at all.

What do you mean?

Just read the story and look for any sign that God changed Adam, or that God killed Adam?
Well, we dont see that in the story.

That's right, there is nothing in the whole story about Adam to suggest that God changed Adam in even the slightest way after the sin.

So why did he die?

Look at the story, does God kill Adam?

No,, not directly.

Thats right, what is the only thing God does in the story that effects Adam's life and condemns him to death?
He kicks Adam and Eve out of the garden.

YES! thats why Adam died.

The only thing God does against the flesh and human nature of Adam was to kick him out of the garden so that Adam could not eat of the Tree of Life and live forever..

Thats all God does...

Yet the moment God does this, it condemns Adam to death.

So Adam was not changed?
Adam was not changed in his flesh or his human nature...the body of Adam did not change...Yet he died by this one single act by God in judgement.

and it happens that very day....

So you are saying that God created Adam as a mortal?
Yes, its what the Bible tells us the moment the Bible tells us that God planted the Tree Of life in the garden

What do you mean?
The only reason given in the text for the Tree Of Life is that when you eat of it you live forever.

Yes, I see that was the reason god kicked Adam and Eve out, so that would not eat and live forever.

Thats the proof also also that God created Adam as a normal mortal human being, for the Tree of Life brings eternal life to mortals.
Thats what it does. Thats its *** in the story.
A mortal eats from it and lives forever.

So you are saying that the reason God planted the Tree Of Life is for man to eat from it and live forever?
Yes!....that is the only *** the Tree had in the story, and that proves that god created Adam as a mortal creature.