"My point was who are you to ***ert your moral values on society? Or judge other's values to be wrong?"

Point well taken, but I could ask you the same question. I don't feel like I am ***erting my values on society at all. There are universal morals and then there are individual morals. It seems to me that pedophilia should fall under the category of being universally wrong. Then again, I am sure you make the same argument about ****sexuality. I can sense a circular argument taking shape.

"Regarding the term evil. I meant no offense to you by its use, what term do you use to describe such acts? Is it evil? Or what defines evil to you?"

I didn't even notice you use the term evil so I took no offence to it. To me evil and good are really subjective. What one person deems to be evil another person might consider it to be good. For the sake of argument let's use Hitler as an example. What he did is seen by people the world over as being evil. To him he thought what he was doing was good. I am not condoning genocide, just using an example. The person who gives half their paycheck to charity every month and is seen as a good person is just as capable of going on a killing spree, as the serial killer; who is seen as evil, is capable of loving a puppy. To me there really is no such thing as evil, there is only good and bad. Even then nothing is really good or bad, it just is. Notions of good, evil, right and wrong ultimately depend, I think, on moral subjectivity.