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Thread: Chromosones. Where did they come from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacG View Post

    Greetings. I am wondering if you'd take a shot at these questions:

    Where did Adam get his chromosones?

    Because Eve was taken out of Adam did he have only 46 or 92?


    see my answer above...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nrajeff View Post
    ---The Person of the Father, according to the New Testament.

    ---The Bible doesn't give us many details on HOW it happened--the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary, whatever that means, and the next thing you know, Mary is pregnant and her baby's father is the Person Jesus would later call "My Father in Heaven." Even thought the details on HOW it happened are few, and vague, one thing that seems clear is WHO Jesus' Father is. And it ain't the Holy Ghost.
    The trinity was listed as all members being fully involved in the birth of Christ...

    In other words the birth came about though the work of the Trinity, and was not the result of the father doing something that the Holy Spirit and the Son not being also just as much part of fully and equally...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leslie View Post
    But does God contradict the Bible?
    he cant...

    Nothing that God migh say now can add to or replace what is already given us in the Bible...
    Even if an angel from Heaven shows up and tries to teach something else, we should not listen...

    For the faith was "once for all given"....

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    Quote Originally Posted by alanmolstad View Post
    I tend to disagree.
    But the truth is that the Bible simply does not tell us clearly the answer to the "how?" question.

    yet if I were to make a guess, then I have to say that I do not think we can hold too tight to the idea that the "Father gave Jesus part of his humanity"
    I think it would be more correct in saying that Jesus got ALL of his humanity from his mother,

    Let us keep in mind that Jesus was fully 100% human just as we are,
    And fully 100% God as is the father.

    If the Father had to supply Jesus with half his humanity then regardless of how closely it looked or acted to my humanity, it still would be different.
    And if I knew that the humanity of Christ was different than my own then I could never trust that the Resurrection of the humanity of Christ was the same as my own, ,,,,and so there would always be some doubt in my resurrection.

    On the other hand,
    If the humanity of Christ was the very same as my own, then I could trust that as God raised Jesus and his humanity from the grave so to could he raise my own humanity from the grave...for Jesus and i would be truly "brothers"

    So I think that the answer to this question has to be that Jesus had 2 natures...
    One fully God
    the other fully human.

    and it was his full humanity that Jesus got from his mother...even if we don't understand the "how?" question.
    this is the correct answer....

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    so when I claim that Jesus is fully human, I mean that he is part of the human family tree...that he shares what we are and is part of the human chain of life.

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