I had heard in the past that James White got his degree from a diploma mill.

I understand that the requirement for a doctorate at the school that he attended is pretty light and to call oneself a "Dr." is being somewhat dishonest.

I was under the impression that one would need four languages to obtain a doctorate. I know that White has Greek and some Hebrew, but his Greek is definately not on a PHD level and his Hebrew is a smattering at best. I think that he made mention of knowing some German at one time, but again I don't think this is on the level of a doctorate. I know people who have gotten their PHD in New Testament and they claim that White's doctorate is a total joke.

Columbia's requirements do not lead me to believe that his unaccredited school requires the rigorous training that an accredited school would require.
Is anyone else familiar with this school and the controversy on his "doctorate." Illya.

Source (http://www.columbiaseminary.edu/programdetails/)