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    Seems the five biggest cities are mostly in the East, not the West. In fact, it lists the micrograms for LA as being 36 and New York as 22 and this was in 2002. I guess you could say Cairo is West, but it certainly is not in North America. Trinity, better have some real facts about the real polluters. Your generalization is false because it lacks chronological order. Look at your own website you gave; the list given is back in 2004. The references given below in footnote 2 shows China is a greater pollutant than America. Now, what is the UN going to do about it? Tax America with emission cap and trade and reward the Chinese by non-interference. What a great policy to end human pollution, you don't want to tick off the military power that has no concern about its own human rights violations.
    Top Ten CO2 Producing Nations

    "Carbon Dioxide is a global problem, but the countries that produce the greatest amount per person are in North America, Europe and Australia. If Carbon Dioxide reductions are to be made, the lead has to be taken by people living in these countries. Most Carbon Dioxide in these countries comes from burning fossil fuels, such as coal, gas and oil to heat buildings (including homes) and transport. Of course, Carbon Dioxide is also given off by all living things, but in general plants capture as much as animals and micro-organisms generate. In contrast, Carbon Dioxide produced by burning fuel adds to the gases in the atmosphere and cannot be captured by plants."

    "The United States is the world leader, producing almost 25% of the total CO2 emissions worldwide. China shows the most rapid increase in CO2 emissions, and Canada is the world leader in per capita CO2 emissions."

    It is in the interest of all the great industrial nations to solve this vital problem. There will be no winner but we will all be affected at the end.

    The rich nations around the world have invested 5 trillions of dollars (5,000 billions) to save the american model (economy) from the bankruptcy. We can do the same thing with the Global Warning threat.

    By the way, last week, the China has invested 100 billions more to help the world to come out of this economic mess.

    The only country in the world who had no problem with his banks is my country. Our banking system was cited as a model to follow during the last G20. There is good ideas everywhere for escaping the Global warning, even from China.

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