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I'm sure New Agers are fond of things like dream-catchers (while probably understanding their cultural context no more than I do). As you say, vultures.

If it were only *dreamcatchers* it wouldn't be that big of an issue. It is the wholesale appropriation and exploitation of our traditional ways for personal gain. Go into any bookstore and look in either the new age section, or if they have a *Native American* section. None of the books there are written by legitimate native spiritual people, but rather self styled *medicine men* (and women) who mix up an eclectic blend of various tribal traditions with a hodge podge of new agey airy fairy ****. The public reads this garbage, thinks it is the real deal, and when encountering a genuine traditional native, dismisses our true beliefs as nonsense. People who try to practice the horse hockey published in these books often get hurt, or hurt others, spiritually and sometimes physically.