The Christian God is the only one.
the Bible is true
God is in trinity.,

Mormons are lost and Mormonism is a CULT.
God has no problem with us drinking beer.
The JWs are lost and are also in a CULT

All stories about UFOs are lies
All photos of UFOs are fake
however life may evolve on billions of worlds.

Evolution is true enough to trust in.
Evolution and genesis agree

speaking in tongues is a faked gift as far as i have seen.
But if it were real, it would be easy for science to test and prove.

Jesus is still fully human
Jesus died a normal human death.
The same body that died on the cross, was seen later alive and resurrected.

Im saved, and I can never do anything to change this.
There is no sin that a Christian can not find forgiveness from.

Man has free will.
God is sovereign.

We are saved as Christians when we believe that Jesus is the one true Lord and God...and that he was resurrected from the dead, and via this we also are saved.