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For us this is a sin, but for others it is an open question. And we should respect that. The whole world knows where we stand on this issue. We are not requested to decide for them.

The nation of Israel when it was in a state of sin thought their own rationale to be an open question. They knew where the Prophets of God stood, except there were some bad prophets prophesying peace and hope when God was not with them. We are not deciding for them, the parameters of holiness have been set by God. ****sexuality is not acceptable practice for any Christian, despite asdf's open questioning that they are compatible. I wonder why you are not defending the Godly position that ****sexuality and Christianity are incompatible. The whole point of the forum is to defend our faith where it stands consistent in doctrine and morals. Yet you haven't done this defending. You have taken a personal vendetta against me because our priorities are vastly different, yet our Church's doctrine and moral stance is the same. Funny, how you choose your bedfellows when it comes time to actually defending what the Church actually teaches that ****sexual acts are incompatible with living a genuine Christian lifestyle.