No such word found in scripture.
No such doctrine taught till 3rd CENTURY!! (how is that?).
No speech of any Bible writer of three persons, persons in the plural, triune godhead, triad, triunity, beings or three beings, of three separate persons, a eternal Son, a GOD THE SON(made up second deity) or GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT (another bogus deity).
Of the Greek, Hebrew speaking of it as well as the English translations.

It is from Satan and his gentile pagan religions designed to go against God and his people and the language they spoke and the First century true church which had the Spirit baptism and infilling and the truth of the doctrine which Trinitarians as Catholic MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT or Protestant harlot daughters reject, which is GOD IN CHRIST, JESUS AS GOD AND AS THE SON OF GOD, THE MAN CHRIST, AND HIS SPIRIT IN US.

Scriptures are against the Trinity way, the history of the church, the three beings sitting ftf and ***le baptism, instead of Jesus name Baptism as we real saints hold.