Big deal, yeah.

Say I got an initial impression here. Unless you are debating Mormonism, no one cares. Or posts.

Well, maybe things gonna change, yes? I have this theory, see. That Christianity will be renewed as soon as the SHEMA is again upheld.

No, not cult. Jesus said so in Mk 12, it is the First Command.

Don't like commands? Maybe we aren't BOUND by these anymore? Cheap Grace here? The CULT of Cheap Grace?

Well, guess what. I will periodically check this site. Nothing going on, that I can see. No one wants to argue.

Yeah, haggling is for well, um hagglers. My name ain't Marvin but I will haggle you to the wall, I mean mat, I mean the Truth.

And common sense prevails. Hagglin' has no meaning unless we use this right?