According to the Bible, neither humankind nor the world was made in a state corrupted by evil. God created all things and called them very good. God also provided in abundance for everything that Adam and Eve, creatures made in His image, could ever need. As creatures made in God's image, they were endowed with moral ability, the freedom to choose between good(obeying God) and evil(disobeying God). How long this good state lasted is unknown, but at some point Adam and eve freely disobeyed God by violating the one commandment He gave them. So evil was introduced into the world by the free choice of morally accountable creatures. Apparently evil was possible but people made it actual. Of course God being omniscient, knows that people will sometimes choose evil. So since God is morally perfect and benevolent, He must have a good reason for permitting evil. Since we don't know His reason for permitting evil, the hypothetical question is, what might God's reason possibly be? I know this is a stretch, but I don't know enough to discuss Mormonism and there not much else to talk about.