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Thread: Daniel C. Peterson discusses Joseph Smith's pedophilia

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    Quote Originally Posted by alanmolstad View Post
    God either told Smith to marry little girls and to bed down with the wives of his friends and believers...or God did not tell Smith to do such things.

    No middle ground on this question...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrueBlue? View Post
    What makes the "little girl" little?Attachment 258Attachment 259

    One pic is of an adult, the other is of 15 year old. Which is which?

    Now with that in mind, what makes it inappropriate of this day and age for an adult man to be with a 15 year old? I know what makes it reprehensible for that to happen and fully agree with why it is.
    Notice the sickening defense of Smith offered in the above quote.

    The idea is that if you slap enough makeup on a little girl it takes away the sin of haveing sex with her.

    That is the thinking of a perversion!

    On this topic I have again and again attacked Smith on the fact that he got married to little underage girls.

    The only Mormon defense of Smith's actions is to try to say that there is "no proof" Smith had sex with the girls.

    That is the defense of perversion!......

    Is the Mormon admitting that if Smith had sex it would be wrong or right?

    Im not sure.
    |I have a feeling that in the future if it is learned that Smith had in fact had lots of sex with such underage girls, that the Mormon in this debate would explain that all away as not being important...

    Mormonism teachings are based on a sex!
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