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I've said this every which way I know how. I am not for or against ****sexual sex. It's not my business.

That's NOT what I said. What I did say is, "One person’s notion of sexual perversion can be another’s expression of love.

If you'd learn to read for comprehension, I wouldn't have to continually repeat myself.

I see it as none of my business. That's all. I'm not the sex police.

HIV/AIDS is spread via bodily fluids but it is not caused by ****sexual sex. Uninfected people (straight and gay) who engage in sex do not create HIV/AIDS.

Nonsense! Nature doesn't care who sleeps with who; it doesn't take retribution.

Gee, I couldn't have slept soundly tonight if I didn't have your permission to control my own sex life.
And, contrary to your warped opinion, I have no intention of killing myself.
But then again ,you're not a believer. I think in time you may very well decide to commit suicide.

I know you've thought of it many times in the past and the idea will come along again in the future.

Satan is waiting for you to arrive.. Take your time, there's no rush..