With over 20.000 separate "Christian" denominations in America alone ,the demonic spirit of division is the only real cult taking its toll in the life of the Body of Christ.

Eastern Orthodoxy is not a static belief system but has maintained the beliefs of the apostolic age and has brought them forward to our time. By using ritual ,liturgy , ikonography and ancient hymnology it projects an unparalleled appeal to one's aesthetic values ,in which it hopes to capture spiritual truths within the context of human emotion.

For non orthodox , I admit it all can seem strangely foreign . But ,I can tell you with some certainty that If you enter in with a desire to learn and to communicate by the spirit of Christ ,you will wonder where have you been all these years. It's powerful stuff. The way it was meant to be.

But ,no snake handling , no wall climbing ,no jumping up and down ,or speaking in gibberish here . This is apostolic ;church father's apostolic, only!