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Thread: A Cult: Six Day Literal Genesis Cultists.

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    Default A Cult: Six Day Literal Genesis Cultists.

    In my opinion ,the literal genesis six day believers represent the latest cult threatening the very existence of the Christian Faith in the world.

    And they have all or some of the ear marks of a very dangerous cult which threatens the advancement of the Christian faith in America and in the world.

    And as with other non christian cults ,they fail to openly answer questions , have a secret hidden agenda ,

    They usually follow a pastor or preacher whom they regard as a gifted GURU who exploits them for money.

    They believe they have exclusive knowledge and all others are lacking in this special enlightened wisdom and are not to be considered worthy of salvation or at least are inferior to their own inspired religious order and so on,

    I can draw parallels all day long comparing the six day creationist crowd who follow the Ken Ham museum
    cathedral of rank stupidity but This should suffice .

    Personally , I believe these cultists are a disgrace to the christian faith.

    KEN HAM is a major guru of this cult.
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