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My own view on the issue is that while Genesis is not a book teaching science, it none the less tells a religious story that works within the teachings of science and evolution.

We don't find evolution taught in the story of Genesis, but then again, we don't find any anti-evolution arguments in the story as well.

So in the end, I maintain that evolution and Genesis are like friendly neighbors, in that each is their own property yet they get along with their neighbor and together form a very nice relationship in the heart of the believer.
Neither do we find anti arguments against man being hatched from a duck egg. . .but that is not a reason to believe man hatched from a duck egg either.

Your argument from absence fallacy is clear.

The problem with evolution is that it is merely a THEORY, cannot be shown to be replicatable in science, and NEVER shows one species 'morphing' into a new or improved species. The theory is too badly flawed to be considered intelligently, and if you believe it you must do so on the basis of emotions.
Evolution requires DEATH to PRECEDE God's creation of Man. That is a 100% contradiction to the Biblical account.