I have been in a conversation with another guest of this forum for a while now that has had problems with other guests going back years, not only on this site but also on others.

I just think that if people would make more use of their IGNORE LIST things would run a lot better around here, and we would not see so many arguments, and people getting ticked-off and all the BANNING we have had to watch go on.
I have only 3 people on my list, (Sir, Billy, and the way) and I never had another single problem with any of them from the moment their earned their spot on my list.

It ends the debate, it ends the arguments
It also ends any future arguments too.....
So there is no down side to the use of a ignore list.

Its my suggestion for anyone who thinks people are showing bad manners, being rude, breaking the rules, and/or are simply not able to post without being insulting.