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Thread: Whats the best counter top Pizza cooker?"

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    Default Whats the best counter top Pizza cooker?"

    there is the type of pizza cooker that you slide the pizza in on a tray...and then there is one other type that spins....anyone know what one is best?

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    the box type pizza cooker is said to be faster,,,,however the spinning cooker is way cooler.

    I think Im going to get a spinning cooker...While it takes slightly longer to cook the pizza it also cooks the pie in such a way as to make it very hard to burn the pizza...

    It also is just so darn cool,

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    So what did it end up?

    I got the spinning Pizza oven and its so muchy fun!

    You cant burn a pizza with it, and it puts on a nice show to watch as it cooks

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    well...its been a while, and many meals have been cooked on my spinning pizza cooker, and so today I felt that it was time to write out my final conclusions.

    I got the spinning type cooker, at the same time a friend of mine got the large box type cooker that has the long plastic handle sticking out of the front.

    In a head-to-head compe***ion the box type cooker is a bit faster than mine, however there are now seen a few HUGE draw backs to the use of the box type cooker that you simply dont find with my spinning pizza cooker.

    th4e box type pizza oven has a timer , and because you cant see the pizza cooking you have to make a guess at the amount of time to set it at.
    Thats a problem later when you open the oven and pull out the pizza just to check on it as it lets out the heat and screws up the setting/time .

    Compare that to my spinning cooker, when you can see the pizza right in front of you and there is zero need to stop the cooking just to check on if its done yet?

    The box cooker also is very tricky to get a hot pizza out and to the table, and more than one pizza took a dive to the floor.

    There is no such a problem with the way the spinning cooker is used...and this is because it is just so darn easy to get the pizza from cooker to table.

    My spinning cooker is so easy to keep clean....the only thing that gets food on it can be washed , and so its always clean and ready to go.
    A box type cooker of my friend's is a mess.....its never really clean,,,its always very dirty looking.

    There is also the fun of having a pizza spinning that the box type cooker lacks...

    It was so easy to move my spinning cooker and bring it right to where we were playing cards...
    The spinning cooker also can get put out of sight, whereas the box type cooker takes a full-time spot on top of a counter...

    I conclude that the spinning cooker is the best one to get....its a bit slower, but does a better *** and is a lot more fun to use.

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    as an update, I have now gotten a 2nd spinning pizza cooker!
    its so much fun to have a party with many guests over, and get both of the spinning pizzza cookers going...puts on a show, makes the best pizzas, and no messy clean up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alanmolstad View Post
    there is the type of pizza cooker that you slide the pizza in on a tray...and then there is one other type that spins....anyone know what one is best?
    Best I know of is on counter tops in Manhattan New York pizzerias.

    Like the best Cheese Steaks are on counter tops in Philly restaurants.

    Deep dish in Chicago...

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    I have been very happy with my spinning pizza cooker for the past 4 years!
    I also got another one for downstairs and for when I wish to cook two pizzas at the same time.
    They truly work great!

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