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    When and where did God create Dinosaurs?

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    When and where did God create Dinosaurs?
    When.....long time ago

    where.....on the earth...

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    what science tells us that millions of years before the rise of modern man, the Dinosaurs lived and died.

    This is no way disagrees with the story of Genesis.

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    the idea that men walked with the dinos is silly.
    However even if its a bit silly we do tend to run into the question from time to time,,,both from little kids who watch cartoons, and from people that get sucked into the "Young Earth" movement.

    The only advice I have is to point back to science and try to show people that there are millions and millions of years between the rise of modern man on the earth, and the ages of the dinos,,,

    I would also point out to people that this fact of science is not in disagreement with the Bible at all...

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    Stegosaurus carving at 800 year old Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia. Finished in 1191 A.D. :

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