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    Default The typical conversation....

    Bold type is the typical person that fully trusts the YEC teachers

    Normal type = me

    You evols think man came from monkeys, but the Bible tells us that we are made in the image of god.

    Is that all it says?

    What do you mean?

    Im asking if that is all the Bible tells us about how God made us?

    The Bible tells us that we are made in the image of god, not in the image of an ape!

    How nice,but I was reading in the Bible and I noticed something that I think is very relevant to this topic.

    What did you read?

    I was reading in Genesis that man is actually made of "dust"

    Yes that it true.

    So you believe that the Bible tells us that we are both made in the image of God, yet also made of dust? that what you believe the Bible is telling us?

    Yes...God formed the man out of dust, and we are made in the image of that totally destroys your idea that man evolved from a mokey.

    Fine, fine, now so we both agree that the bible teaches that man is made from the earth?

    Er, what do you mean the earth?

    I mean the ground of this planet,we are made from it?

    I guess.

    Good, so being made in the image of God does not mean that God could not have used the dust of the ground to make us out of then?

    No, we are made in the image of God , but it is true also that we are made out of the dust of the ground of the earth.

    Good, lets push on then to consider the animals, are the animals made out of the earth too?

    The animals are not made in the image of God, only man is.

    Yes I get that, but are the animals made out of the same source material as humans according to the Bible?

    Source material? What do you mean the same source material?

    Well we have already traced back the story of the creation of humans to the earth itself, I just want to know if the creation of all the animals also cane be traced back to the earth itself....according to the Bible?

    Well, it is true that God does command the earth to bring forth the animals, and it also does say clearly that God formed the animals out of the ground of the I guess humans and animals do share that in common with each other.


    But animals are not made in the image of God!

    Thats okay with me, I got no problem with that. Lets just back-up a moment and get it straight what the Bible is teaching as to the origin of life. What we see is that according to the Bible is that all life, (both animal and human), is traced back to a single source, and that source is the earth itself.

    I guess that is true, but only we are made in the image of God.

    Ok, lets now consider if this is any different at all from what evolution teaches?

    Its very different, for evolution teaches we came from monkeys!

    Well, thats what a lot of people try to say evolution teaches, but I have to ask, "Is that it?"

    What do you mean?

    I mean according to evolution did all human life simply "pop" into existence as a fully formed money that later evolved into a human?, or was there some evolution steps before the monkey ?

    Well I guess the monkey is said to have evolved too.

    Yes, I think you are correct, so according to the teachings of evolution we do see that there are earlier forms of life that are said to have evolved into the "monkey" we always hear about.

    So what?

    So,I just was wondering, "What came before that?"

    Before the monkey?

    Well yes, but then what came before that?..and before that?...and before that?...just keep tracing the evolution of life back untill you get to what source?


    Yes, what is the final source for life on the earth? What is life's start? What are the very early smallest little building blocks that would go on to evolve into life according to the teachings of evolution?

    Well I guess that would be the elements? , minerals? and stuff? You know all that stuff that went into the mix that came out later with a thing that was alive I would guess.

    Thats a good answer!


    So, would you agree with me that the final evolutionary source for life on the earth according to the teachings of evolution would be the earth itself?

    Yes,,,,I see what you are saying now, and that is correct, evolution will trace back all life to the source being the earth itself, but that is way different than what we read in the Bible...

    Oh is it? it really?
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