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Thread: Emily Dow Partridge–Evidence of Sexuality

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    You know.... back in the Middle Ages, all artists were restricted by the Orthodox Church as to what they could paint. Most artists liked painting naked bodies so they got around the Church's censorship by painting pictures of Adam and Eve naked while in the Garden. This way they could get their pornographic fix, while justifying it by using the excuse that they were only doing God's work by representing scenes from the Bible. Hence the reason there are so many Adam and Eve frescos. Even at the Vatican there is a private bathroom with pornographic paintings by the famous Painter Raphael done in 1516 representing sexual sins one might commit.

    You are no different than they were.
    You want to be able to Sex-surf on the Internet, but at the same time you need to soothe your conscience by claiming you are simply about God's work.
    If you want to Google "sex" and "sexual" on the Internet, then just Google it, and stop pretending it's all about finding dirt and gossip on Joseph Smith... Because nobody here is buying that excuse.

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