It seems to me that time and again I see it happen this way. An effort of distancing former ***ociations instantly leads the reader to strongly question that cut, and more so the fresher they are. Members are often seen doing this till it surely must be by habit, con themselves until a wholesome at***ude to do so is reached. Why is the distancing necessary in the first place?

When considering the collaborated efforts of any cultic-lead group, ideally, if an examiner is fortunate enough to find a way to the foremost impression of that group’s inner condition and an all-out flag-collecting ensues leading the examiner to a painfully visible effect of failure of that body, possibly, also known amongst themselves, in effect asks; can the Christian find their weakest links incompatible when weighed against scriptural diligence?

If so, couple that discovery with what seems to be a trend today, the level of intensity being maintained by the individual for the ‘good’ of the group. In other words, how loyal are they to that weakness? Has grumbling even taken root? This would be shown by what the rank-and-file level of congestion is experiencing, and incidentally, another back-door for the examiner to use.

Likewise, a significant **** to them would be to understand the loss of integrity by this weak indicator shown by its defensive posture of protecting itself from increased suffering from that vulnerability without the luxury of doctrinally, and logically re-entering the original run. Uncertain, and busy keeping tabs on damage to themselves, meanwhile, doctrines/dogmas to the examiner find themselves open for handling.

No question, the Godly strength of that rests in confronting the poise of double-speak, shadowy drivel or godless claptrap for the cult, aka: covering itself from light.