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Thread: The Fall,,,what was Adam thinking really?

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    Default The Fall,,,what was Adam thinking really?

    God planted a tree right smack in the middle of the garden that Adam was banned from eating, yet was told to tend to it and help it grow.

    Adam wanted to eat from that tree.
    But Adam did not want to die.
    So Adam did not eat from it.

    Then Eve comes along, and God tells Adam and Eve they both get to rule over the whole world.

    But Adam now has a plan....

    Adam comes up with a plan to eat of the forbidden tree and yet live.
    The plan is to get Eve to take the blame for his eating, and have her die in punishment,

    The snake seems to be aware of this plan.

    The snake approaches both Adam and Eve, and talks to them.

    Eve answers the snake and tells the snake the law that she learned from Adam.
    The law she reports has an error within it.

    Adam does not correct Eve
    The snake does not correct Eve.

    Eve listens to the snake and gets convinced that eating is a good idea.

    Eve eats
    Adam does not reach for the food, but waits for Eve to hand him some
    Adam eats.

    God speaks now.

    Adam puts the blame onto his wife, knowing that this will likely get her killed according to the Law.

    Eve points to the snake.

    The snake does not seem to need to speak.

    God casts the snake down to the earth.
    God tells Eve that she will be ruled over by her husband
    God informs Adam what his death will be like.

    Adam and Eve get kicked out of the protected garden and face a future ....

    Only then, only when Adam finally sees that he is going to be stuck with his wife and that she will not be killed and replaced, only then does he get around to calling her by a real name.,,,before this she was only "the woman".

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    Now.....lets deal with the way Adam died...

    First what did Adam die of?.......
    The answer we get is that the text points out how long a life Adam had, and then he is said to have died...the context clearly is that adam died of old age.

    Did God kill Adam?......
    the answer is that although a lot of people think that god killed Adam, the truth is that the bible never once says that god killed Adam.

    Does the bible say that if Adam had not sinned he would have lived forever?.
    The answer is that the bible at no place tells us that if Adam had not sinned he would have naturally lived any longer than he ends up doing.

    some people say that it was God's judgement that killed Adam, but what form of Judgement does the bible talk about God doing against Adam?
    The answer is that the ONLY thing that the bible lists that God did against Adam was to see that Adam was kicked out of the garden.

    what was in the garden that Adam was not allowed to be near?
    The answer is that god kicked Adam out only to keep Adam away from the tree of life.

    So the only thing that the Bible lists that god did against the person of Adam was tio kick him out of the garden?

    What was the result of Adam getting kicked out?

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    Yes, this does run counter to a lot of ideas about why Adam died.

    many people believe that Adam died as a result of God doing something to him, but that simply is not found in the Bible.

    I had one guy tell me that Adam died as a result of the sin, but that still does not escape the idea that what he was really saying is that "God killed him."
    people might not know that is what they believe, but if you think that something changed within Adam's body after he sinned, then you got to ask, "Who changed him?"

    and that question only has one answer...and that is that they must also believe that God killed Adam.

    But again, the idea that God killed Adam is just not supported in the Bible story as written.

    The facts that you can prove are the following:
    Adam lived to a very old age.
    The only thing that God did, was to command that Adam be kicked out of the garden.
    The only reason God kicked Adam out of the garden was to keep Adam from eating of the Tree of Life.

    There is nothing in the Bible to suggest that Adam would have lived naturally forever had he not sinned.

    In the Genesis story there is only one means listed for Adam to live forever..and that is to eat of the Tree of Life.

    So to sum it all up.
    There is nothing in the Genesis story that even hints that Adam was designed to live naturally forever, regardless of if he sinned one day or not.
    The only way in the story for Adam to live forever is to eat of the tree of life.
    God did not kill Adam.
    God did not change the body of Adam after the sin.
    Adam did not suddenly become "mortal" after the first sin.
    God kicked Adam out of the garden, and this kept Adam from eating of the Tree of Life and living forever.

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