I spend a lot of effort to try to come up with easy to understand ways to show people what the story of Genesis actually says.
I back everything I have said with a verse of the Bible at each point.
I try my best to make all that I say to be things that are always in-line with what the Bible says.

and at the end I always ask anyone who has a doubt about anything I have posted, to respond in a way that will grow both of us to a deeper understanding of the scriptures.

and in return all I get from people is - "Evolution is evil"?

I post verse after verse and request that people that disagree with me also support what they say with a verse so that I can be challenged to look at the Genesis story from your POV.

and in return all I get back is - "Darwin was a pervert"

I so look forward to the day when someone that thinks Im wrong is able to open their Bible and debate me on what i say, and not just phone-in an answer as they drive by...