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I addressed the comment that Jill was referencing, you did not reply. But I am coming to the point that pearls before swine is the same as leading a horse to the water, but you cannot make them drink. The only purpose it serves me now is mostly psychological, I am fighting the corrupted impulses within myself by "transforming my mind." The more I realize that I am more than just my sexual impulses, the more I overcome the temptations on a daily basis. The other reason is to make a stand. If Walter Martin can hold his own on a large panel of hostile guests on the Long John Nebel show and the influx of unorthodox posters coming here almost shares the same circumstance, these suggests to me that the level of dialogue here is much more engaging, the moderating is much more fair, and the opportunity to see how 1 Corinthians 1.17-25 really operates (most especially for me to see the change within myself) quite satifying.
Just try to remember, that whether you view people as swine or fellow human beings... your point of view and deeply held convictions (biblically-substantiated or not) are not the only things which define reality for all human beings.

That is, while I don't expect you to communicate everything you believe 'perfectly', I do expect you to understand and ultimately accept the reality that not all people agree with you or believe the same things which you do; even those who know the same things you do, may surely not agree with you.

If "pearls" don't get through to the pigs, then (perhaps) try a carrot.