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Thread: Why CHRISTIANS consider mormons to be heathens

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    Default Some of the reasons CHRISTIANS consider mormons to be heathens

    1. Because they do not serve the God of the Bible, the ONLY TRUE GOD. They serve one of a multitude of gods.
    2 Because joseph smith claimed that CHRISTIAN churches were all corrupt, teaching the teachings of man, not of God.
    3. Because the mormon religion doesn't resemble the church Jesus built (as recorded in the BIBLE) much at all.
    4. Because the mormon religion imposes 'rules' or 'ordinances' that God never imposed on CHRIST'S church.
    5. Because the mormon religion preaches a different GOSPEL than Christ's church always has.

    So why should we believe the mormon religion that has only been around about 180 or so years instead of CHRIST'S teachings that have been here for 2,000 years and followed by THE CHURCH JESUS BUILT (which includes ALL CHRISTIAN churches, but not the cults like any of the 150+ mormon groups)?
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