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    So with no ending to the 7th day in the whole Bible, we got to ask, "Do we have a right to add our own ending to the scriptures?"

    So do we?

    I dont think we do.

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    So David....

    Now about the personal stuff....
    By "personal stuff" I mean when a post is more about the other person, and no longer just about bible text.

    I try to over look that kind of posting.

    I have been a member of this forum for a long.....long.....long time.

    and over the years I have been in conversations with all types, not just Christians,
    People in cults.
    People in Islam
    People in different movements.
    People with all kinds of weird ideas.

    and one thing I have noticed in them all is a common manner they tend to act when they dont get their way.
    They get nasty.
    They get personal.

    They get frustrated that their favorite arguments don't work, and so that try to change the topic and make this "about the other person"

    They go from just talking about their "ideas" to later only being able to attack the other person.

    So David....its just you and me here now.
    There are no audience of listeners following the conversation on this forum any more.

    Just you and I.

    I have read your book....I did this because you requested it.

    No one forced me to get such a book...I have only done so as a way to open a door to being able to take my turn at reaching you with what I have to share.

    and this is what I have to share.....its a challenge/question.

    Here is is...


    Show me where the Bible teaches that the 7th day has ended?


    Thats it David,
    Justr that one request for a support from the Bible that teaches the 7th day has already ended that is clear and does not require the reader to insert a meaning into the text that is not found there.

    for 6 days we have very clear endings. Each day ends with the very same words used.
    Its written so clearly that you cant miss it .

    , and if you can show me such a clear ending to the 7th day then you are correct.

    If you cant?

    Then I then ask you to challenge me to address any other issues that tend to sway people to the Young Earth Creation teachers....and see if I can answer them?
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