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from the human point of view:
We are limited in what we see.
We dont know the future.
we are trapped in time, and experence moment after moment.
We age, we get older, we change we learn new things.
To find something out we have to seek answers.

so when I consider my salvation , I can think back to a moment in time when I p***ed from death to life.

My salvation came as the result of a moment in time when I believed.
I was lost one moment, and the next I was saved.
So it all came down to a decision i made.
I was asked to belioeve.
I was told that unless I believed I would remain lost.
So I changed my mind, and I believed and I was from that point on, saved.

thats the human point of view.

its correct, sorta.

But its also way short of the correct answer too.

For when you look at the same question of my salvation from God's point of view, then you see things differently.

God does not learn.
God does not wait
God does not have to glance into the future to know.
God is not held in time's grasp.

My salvation was always a fact in God's eyes.
Nothing was ever in doubt
Nothing was ever left for me to decide,
Nothing was left to chance
Nothing was out of God's full 100% total control.
I was saved because I had always been seen as saved and nothing in the world could change that fact...for it was a fact from the start of the universe!

I was "predestined"...nothing was left in doubt or up to me to decide.

God decided...

The fortunate thing about your statement is that it is totally true in accordance with the Bible. That is exactly what the Bible says about salvation. That is all that we know about salvation, if we indeed know anything. To be honest with you that is all that we can know about salvation is the human point of view because God told us in human point of view terms about salvation and if you look around, we, as a collective, still have it unclear. Just look at the controversy that is totally obvious just on these forums. Mormons, Catholics, JW, UPC, and on it goes. No one agrees about salvation.

Now you want to explain it from Godís point of view?? You are only fooling yourself if you really think that you have a clue about Godís point of view. (See Isaiah 55:8 and 9)

You have made a few philosophical statements that are likely true about God:
God does not learn. God does not wait. God does not have to glance into the future to know. God is not held in time's grasp.

But this has nothing to do with what God has revealed to man on manís level so man could come close to understanding about salvation. The last part of the statement is pure emotional drivel with no scriptural support to it what so ever.

I totally reject your argument. Start again but keep it on the human point of view because that is as close to a true understanding that you or I will ever get.

Isaiah 55:8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.
Isaiah 55:9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.