Its not yet confirmed when Indian Astrology started and from where did it started. At the same time, from past 100 years or more, there have been a thin black line of historians and other scholars concerned with Indian Astrology’s role in history.

Choosing names of top astrologers has not been easy till date. Many have tried writing on some aspect of history involving Indian Astrology, but only few were able to make it a central scholarly concern. Indian Astrology is still not intellectually respectable, although as a practice it has undergone a remarkable revival since nineteenth century.

Some scholars have written prolifically on Indian Astrology in history. Indian astrology is divided into many parts, out of which mathematical astrology, astrology in religion and astrology in arts are few well know ones. Indian astrology is also divided into many parts by man, for example: business and financial astrology, electional astrology, esoteric astrology, general astrology, horary astrology, karmic astrology, medical n health astrology, mundane n political astrology, natal astrology etc.

There are thousands of software and website supporting Indian astrology for free.