Well GiGi, I guess we will have to continue here.

The only certain thing of which Christian ministries (with Scriptural and orthodox basis) outreaching to ****sexuals clearly would state is that ****sexual acts are sinful and should not be done.

Catholic Courage, Exodus International, etc. on down the line to sister groups outreaching to even dysfunctional families I think would be in agreement with this concept. There are other ministries that claim to be Christian, but do not retain the Scriptural authority or reject the historicity of Christian teachings in favor of making the ****sexual feel comfortable in their lifestyle and encourage and foster same sex unions. I am not talking about these ministries, but to give you an example would be First Baptist Church of Seattle. I remember hearing about them when the Southern Baptist Convention redirected its funding from the Baptist World Alliance to their own international ministries due to the the BWA's allowance of other Baptist organizations that allow affirmation of the ****sexual within the body of Christ... of which it was specifically stated that the Evergreen Baptist ***ociation, with First Baptist Church of Seattle and another church belonged. http://www.abpnews.com/index.php?opt...133&Itemid=117. Anyways, this is fairly old news.

Now in regards to you not being a Christian, I am sure you have some thoughts on the subject, but which clearly you have no personal claim. If you belonged to a church, it would be a different matter. The question is for me, what sort of secular claim can you make in regards to such Christian orthodox ministries? Has those Christian ministries that make the ****sexual feel safe in their ****sexual acts brought you into a church? Everyone theorizes that if the orthodox churches would change that it would increase their membership, yet has it changed your mind to come into their fold?