TRiG, your theological position on God's acceptance of ****sexuality is a Church matter. ****sexual marriages is in your book a morally acceptable, God approved, and a civil rights matter. If it is a civil right matter, just like racial inequality, then Government has an ability to stop that injustice by stipulating in their laws that allow civil suits to be brought against churches, as well as in taking away tax-free exemption or other financial considerations as recieving money through the Faith Based Initiatives. There is only soo much money to be handed out to Christian ministries, and denying some groups based on the liberal good ol' boy network is not beyond imagination. Adding these all together, I think I have made a reasonable deduction. The fact that you would not want to admit, like I do in regards to Mormonism ending in my lifetime, because I believe their doctrine is not from God, only shows how unconvincing you are that God does approve of ****sexual unions.