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Understanding Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormonism
Dr. Martin provides a thorough understanding of Jehovah's Witness and Mormon doctrine and methods for witnessing.
Dialogue on the Doorstep with a Jehovah's Witness
Dialogue on the Doorstep with a Mormon
How to Witness to Jehovah's Witnesses
How to Witness to Mormons
Introduction to the Cults
Is Mormonism Christian? Martin vs. Van Hale
The Maze of Mormonism
Mormonism and the Negro
Mormonism: Jesus - Who Is He?

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Essential Christianity Radio Program

Dr. Walter Martin is now on the radio weekdays and weekends in cities around the country. Featuring recorded excerpts from past Bible Answer Man programs and selected sermon messages.

W. M. Religious InfoNet ¤ Box 456 ¤ Forest Lake, MN 55025
Phone: 651-307-1507

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