Saturday, March 15, 2008

Believe it or not, PBS is up to its old tricks again--this time promoting Buddhism (not that this is anything new). On Friday, March 14, they aired an episode of the children's show Wishbone (the adventures of a cute little dog) where Wishbone has amazing super powers. The interesting thing is that Wishbone decides to use his powers to fly up into heaven . . . and who should he see in heaven but the Buddha?

Yes, a giant, golden Buddha sits among the clouds and cute little Wishbone flys right into the palm of his hand. Their conversation goes something like this:

Buddha: Little Wishbone, what are you doing up here in heaven?

Wishbone: I have come to beat you Buddha--you will not be able to stop me from doing anything I want to do.

Buddha: You believe you are greater than those who took a thousand lifetimes to perfect themselves? Oh no, little Wishbone, you are not--but you are free to try.

Wishbone: Ha ha! I will fly away from you and reach the four heavenly pillars (of stone).

Wishbone flys away from Buddha's hand and lands on top of four stone pillars in the clouds. He then flys back to see the Buddha and lands on the palm of his hand once again.

Wishbone: Aha! I have won! I made it to the top of the four pillars.

Buddha: Little Wishbone, you have not won anything for you see, you never left my hand.

Four fingers on the golden hand of Buddha change to the four stone pillars. Wishbone is in awe of the Buddha.

Wishbone: (Bowing down to Buddha) Oh great Buddha, I bow before your awesome wisdom.

The all-powerful Buddha, wisest of all and omnipotent in the heavens . . . this is what we have come to in America: PBS teaching the religion of Buddhism in a children's show.

What do you think would happen if the Wishbone writers showed Jesus in the clouds? How much of a protest would there be if Wishbone had landed in the hand of Jesus? PBS is using the money of donors from different religious faiths to teach the religion of Buddhism to children.

Rerun or no rerun, we need to stand up and say, "You crossed the line."


Twin Cities PBS:



If the kid really wanted to meet Buddha, he'd have to go to Hell to talk to him.

Brian James Shanley
Minneapolis, MN

10:21 AM  

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