Monday, August 04, 2008

For all of you interested in politics, here's a fascinating article on the "lost years" of Obama. Quite illuminating . . . .

This is a time when our country needs all the prayer it can get. I look around me and see thousands of people losing their jobs, vacant homes labeled "Bank Repo" and the skyrocketing price of oil and food, and I think--What is going on here? It's almost surreal to go from so much prosperity over the last few years to such hard times. Add to that the terrible disasters that have hit America and the world at regular intervals lately, and we should all sit up and take notice. Something is happening here, my friends; time to toss the TV remotes and PRAY.

In the middle of all this chaos and sadness, I am so thankful to God for His presence in my life; so thankful for the peace that only He can give.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Phil 4:6-7

There is a supernatural peace that is beyond human understanding; a peace that I feel--at this very moment--guarding my heart.

This morning at church we had Communion, and I was reminded once again of just how much God loves me. This is my body broken for you . . . This is my blood shed for you . . . .

Love like this puts life, with all its stress and heartache, into perspective. God knows what He's doing, even when life gets scary, and He loves me. He promised He would take care of me no matter what, and that's a promise that makes all the difference in this crazy world to me.


Blogger JohnD said...

I hate to keep sounding like I'm kowtowing... but your Father was an extraordinary man. And I'm going to give him his due. I could tell from his teachings that he had had quite enough of the messiah complex in politics (where one candidate or another would run on the plat form of saving the world, the economy, the conservative, family, Christian values)...

Unless I misunderstood him he was quite cynical about this system. In any case, I have finally come to that point of view myself.

I was the Republican's Republican, conservative parrot of all I heard from the politician by way of the pulpit. And now I count it all dung.

For we have been led down the primrose path as our money has been picked from our pockets and or children's pockets and our children's children's pockets by greed mongers and their representatives who have farmed out our ability to produce food and goods here in the States... putting us at the mercy of foreign powers who 7 years ago hosted people who attacked us on American soil.

Now they take our petro-dollar economy and turn it into financial rape (for lack of a better word)...
with apparent impunity.

I hear pundits (conservative and Christian) beating the same old drum... "no socialized medicine" while MILLIONS of Americans go without health care much less insurance for a system (pharmaceutical companies, medical conglomerates, and insurance companies) that was not regulated and whose greed put us in this mess....

The same about abortion. Want to stymie a sincere Christian voter? Bring up how the Dems are pro aborts and the Repubs are anti-abortion... meanwhile virtually nothing (nothing) has changed about Roe v Wade. The partial birth abortion ban is just a bone tossed to us to keep us quiet. And it worked.

People in this country are hurting at the hands of greed. And the politicians are sticking their heads in the sand. Or only making a show of it...

So what? the cartel shrugs... America no longer has any teeth to back up our threats... America's teeth have been outsourced.

And along comes "conservative" Christian pundits beating the same old drums about who not to vote for and it makes me sick because it comes across as "Vote this way to protect my money."

Brothers and sisters, we have been duped. And if we read in the back of our Bibles:

1. the wealthy (who wrap themselves in the American and Christian flags) are the consorts of Mystery Babylon

2. the Bible curses hoarding wealth in the last days (the new covenant)

In the job I do, I work for many of the hundred million a year or more club... let me tell you something, the more I work for them the less respect I have for them because they have a serious Marie Antoinette complex. And now that even they are feeling the pinch... the working people who take care of them are getting shafted for fees and tips.

Conspiracy theorists of the 1970's through the 1990's sure made sense now that we are reaping the rewards of ignoring their warnings. The two party system (both caring for the rich just different versions of the rich) have been keeping us busy while the global agenda was in the works while we were unawares...

I wonder how many times people fell for the "don't throw away your vote" rouse to keep people from voting for a third party candidate...

Until I fell for the shpeel of W. in 2000 and 2004... Iraq war and all, I fell for the whole thing because he was one of us... until then I always voted third party... and slept well having voted my conscience. By the way, I just now realized I haven't slept well since 2000.

12:10 AM  
Blogger JohnD said...

I must say that I was quite frustrated last night when I commented here. Considering how much and how often Americans have been duped by politicians whose true allegiance lies with themselves (which global bankers and industrialists count on to advance their agenda).

I tried many times to sound the alarm along with Reverend J.R. Church, Chuck Missler, Dave Hunt, Eustis Mullins, Watchman on the Wall Ministries (Noah Hutchings and E.F Webber) and several others. But Americans; more specifically American Christians chose to float supinely along on the cloud of fairy tales spun by the wolves at the gate...

I am reminded of the time of Jeremiah when the warnings were unheeded, and the tribulation was upon those who believed it was not possible that tribulation could happen... and the reality of how devastating the tribulation for all the unheeded warnings became.

Maybe we should have been preaching the book of Lamentations more often with Denver or Philadelphia or Seattle substituted for Jerusalem and the towns of Judea.

I dunno.

Some say even today that this is just an economic bubble. If so, it is more a test balloon than a bubble because America is just as toothless as I said she was last night (meaning we haven't the industrial ability to sustain ourselves any longer to back any protests or planting our heels in the ground any longer).

There has always been an element to the undoing of anything man has accomplished down through history. At the hands of fellow man. But the real set back for this nation was when we turned our backs on the founding principles of Christ.

Our founding fathers wisely did not legislate Christian faith, but rather Christian principles. True faith is arrived at by ones' self and cannot be inflicted or forced upon another in any way.

Not true about Christian principles. Even believers have to be exhorted and admonished to follow Christian principles... that's why the New Testament is filled with such admonition and exhortation.

It's that blasted human nature we all possess until we die or are changed at the Lord's second coming. And rather than shackle this beast in all of us, America adopted the same "find your own way" approach to Christian principles that was intended only for Christian faith in the founding documents of this land.

And it has had the effect of everyone living by what they personally think is best (the return path to jungle law).

And now that one of the last Godly generations in America has all but passed on (the Generation Tom Brokaw called "the greatest generation") there is little or no reason for the Holy Spirit to hold back the judgment this land has been long due.

And it really frustrates me to hear the same old pundits spewing the same old rhetoric that helped get up into this predicament....

So I apologize for my rants these past two posts, Jill.

8:18 AM  
Blogger Martin James said...

John I understand your ranting.

I sense the samething.

All one can do is watch and pray.

11:47 AM  
Blogger Jill Martin Rische said...

It's okay, John, no problem. I understand and agree with you and Martin.

10:35 PM  

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