Thursday, January 21, 2010

Had a great interview on The Frank Pastore Show last night (at 4:00pm PST and replayed at 6:00pm--very cool). We talked about the power behind Voodoo and the Haitian blend of Voodoo and Catholicism.

When African slaves were brought to Haiti originally, they were forced to become Catholics on pain of death, so they cloaked their African traditional religion in the guise of Catholicism and just continued to worship the Loa...good and evil spirits.
This blend of Voodoo and Catholicism dominates Haiti today; almost as a national religion. Spells, animal sacrifices, curses--all are a part of everyday life.

The good news is that many Christian missionaries have been working with the Haitian people and interestingly enough, the name reporters have been hearing on the streets of Haiti during this disaster is "Jesus!" They are crying out to Him to save them when the earthquakes hit.

Hard to imagine such terrible suffering. I can't watch much of the news coverage but it is really a wonderful thing to see someone brought out alive from the rubble. I'm praying for God's mercy and compassion on the Haitian people....


Blogger JohnD said...

The sober reminder of where we all actually live:

In the most hell believers will ever know and the most heaven unbelievers will ever know.

As much as we attempt to forestall death (that, or try to put it out of our minds) it is the empirical wake up call for member of of the Body Christian to get off our duffs and make the numbers of unbelievers smaller.

The gates of hell shall not prevail means the Church must become militant. Gates are DEfensive... not offensive... as some interpret the verse as if hell would hurl gates at the Church... No. We are to storm the gates of hell with the Gospel, its defense, our insistence that we not be shut up or shut down or holed up in religious buildings away from the market place or public square.

Our salvation, ladies and gentlemen is not an end but a means toward an end (the salvation of others) meaning we are not supposed to only get saved and to sit on the shelf for God to admire. God has more than enough bowling trophies like us... we are supposed to be tools in his hand, to educate and heal, weapons to wage spiritual warfare...

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