Saturday, October 03, 2009

This has to be the most powerful pro-life video I've ever seen.

"Cannon's new music video "Can I Live?" tells a tale that's very different from a gangsta's paradise of dirty dancing and booty calls that Cannon may be sandwiched in between on MTV or BET. In the song, the hip-hop pop star tells his life story — or at least the beginning of it and his mom's close call with abortion

Cannon, 24, appears in the video as a ghost (or an angel, if you prefer) and sings, "Mommy, I don't like this clinic. Hopefully you'll make the right decision, and don't go through with the knife decision."

A scared teen, his mother was on a gurney — that's how close the call was — but got up, and, at least in the video version, ran.

He points out to his mother something she got on some level, or she wouldn't have gotten up: "That's a life inside you, look at your tummy. What is becoming Ma, I am Oprah bound. You can tell he's a star from the Ultrasound."--Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review Online

And the big surprise is it's a true story shared by Nick Cannon, an actor who just happens to be married to Mariah Carey. Amazing.