Thursday, January 21, 2010

Had a great interview on The Frank Pastore Show last night (at 4:00pm PST and replayed at 6:00pm--very cool). We talked about the power behind Voodoo and the Haitian blend of Voodoo and Catholicism.

When African slaves were brought to Haiti originally, they were forced to become Catholics on pain of death, so they cloaked their African traditional religion in the guise of Catholicism and just continued to worship the Loa...good and evil spirits.
This blend of Voodoo and Catholicism dominates Haiti today; almost as a national religion. Spells, animal sacrifices, curses--all are a part of everyday life.

The good news is that many Christian missionaries have been working with the Haitian people and interestingly enough, the name reporters have been hearing on the streets of Haiti during this disaster is "Jesus!" They are crying out to Him to save them when the earthquakes hit.

Hard to imagine such terrible suffering. I can't watch much of the news coverage but it is really a wonderful thing to see someone brought out alive from the rubble. I'm praying for God's mercy and compassion on the Haitian people....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Still working on my YouTube video blog...frustrating technical difficulties but I won't give up. :)

Some of you have asked me about CRI and the Local Church and frankly, I think the entire situation is grim. The proverbial gun of stupidity is to the head once more (remember Preterism?) and bang...right between the eyes...bye bye credibility for HH and friends (you can follow me on Twitter--JillMartinRiche--to enjoy even more pithy comments)

Yes, you guessed it! We completely disagree with Elliot Miller's 1970s fantasy adventure starring the Local Church.

Stay tuned for further commentary on HH and his Local Church supporters....

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Wow--what a crazy busy Christmas this has been. I think I'm going to plan on something a little quieter next year!

Kevin and I just finished our fifth week of doing our new radio show Night Watch on KKMS AM980--tonight was wonderful--great guests and callers. The occult is real and it affects people's lives...talking about it from God's perspective is a good thing. The show will be archived on this week. Watch our What's New page for info.

I am now tweeting on Twitter (JillMartinRiche) so come on over and say hello! Also will be expanding our YouTube account (WalterMartinDotCom) to include a weekly video blog. I will not hold back on this one--so get ready for some fireworks. First up...well, you'll have to check out YouTube to find out. Should be up by January 14.

One more thing, last but not least: I was reading my Bible the other day and this verse just stood out: "Do not be overly righteous, Nor be overly wise: Why should you destroy yourself?" Eccl. 7:16

So how is it we can destroy ourselves by being overly righteous or wise? Maybe by thinking we can do no wrong and everyone else is always at fault? Food for thought....