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  1. The Gift of Tongues
  2. UPCI Standards Questions
  3. Warning
  4. Tri-Oneness
  5. Oneness Apostolics 1st, 2nd and 3rd centuries support us
  6. If my religion used force to convert would it be Christian?
  7. View of Holiness standards necessary for good Christian living & being Holy as He is.
  8. Oneness Godhead view versus Trinitarian
  9. John 1:1 real problems in there for Trinitarians
  10. BOOTS AND CHECHEA DISCUSSION One God Jesus versus junior dead god son Jesus...
  11. A discussion on Walter Martin on John Ankerberg show 1985
  12. No tongues required for Holy Ghost baptism
  13. Reinart what is your opinion of William Tyndale ?
  14. Jesus prayed to HIS FATHER, not to Himself.
  15. United Pentecostals -VS- Christianity 1-10 / John Ankerberg Show