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05-16-2014, 01:03 PM
I am a Oneness Apostolic Christian that rejectes every relion and group, sect listed on the forums, most will also be rejected by everyone, but what they are in themselves as well.
I generally don't take alot of time with Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Islamists , etc.
But I do with Trinitarians, as I feel they are the reason for many of the other false religions, cults and occult sects, for they are the worse of the bunch, the religion that fought truth in the end of the 2nd and start of the 3rd century and who used force against many people all over the world.

Now I am a 25 year old in a 55 year old body and starting to feel it, (last five weeks been to Doctor or Dentist for blood check and Esophogus check, Colonoscopy, teeth and knee, so I am old. {and I am in pretty good health after all that}.

I was Trinitarian of Protestant groups and left in my teens and then got into a Apostolic Church and been around the country, teaching and preaching, as I moved with ***s and then some Evangelizing.

I believe we are seeing a total falling of America like a teetering statue or building just before it finally topples over and I believe that false doctrines, a church which abused others as Catholics have done with child molesters, TV evangelists sinning blatantly and taking people's money and it all leads back to the false doctrines of a triad teaching.

I am just getting my feet wet going from board to board and threads on boards of importance.
Trinity, Oneness, Islam, and maybe a few others.