View Full Version : get out of jail free card!

01-26-2017, 05:22 PM
I have decided to take everyone that was on my IGNORE LIST off the list.

I did this because I want to follow the conversations a bit more closely in the future and so i will need to know what everyone is saying from now on.

So yes, this means that if you were on my list, or knew of someone that I had put on IGNORE, that you and I can now again have conversations again!

Now Im not suggesting that the use of the IGNORE LIST is not wise...I still think that if people would put people on IGNORE rather than getting into endless personal fights, that there would be a lot fewer names with the word "BANNED" under them... But starting this week I want to be able to read every post on the forum to better be able to keep track of things from now on and to be able to take on a bit more responsibility as far as keeping the forum friendly for all guests.