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04-01-2017, 10:18 AM
Lots of people have all sorts of ideas on how to have a better forum here.

many people offer the suggestion that we need to start kicking out people more.

I take a different view,,,I want the forum to grow, and to be known as a place that has it's door always open to different people of different religions.

But when any door is left wide open there does come walking in a few trouble makers...people who cant really keep from breaking the rules...
or people that seem to try hard to get away with breaking the rules.

It also does point out a direction and path I wish to point members in going,.

Far too many people simply sit on their ****s and when some person breaks the rules, they go to the Mod and post, "Why did the Mod allow that?"

My response is to ask the member, "Did you report the post you think breaks the rules?.....no?...

"There is a little thing in the lower left-hand corner of every post on the forum, that allows anyone to REPORT on bad posts"

"Well had you took the time to report the post and not just complain that someone else should have done something, you would find a place where you can list the location of the post you think is bad (remember its a big forum so I will need to know where to look)

"and there is also a place where you can then make your case as to why you think the post in question is against the rules.
Remember many times it will come down to a point of view as to if a post is within the rules allowed or not, so you have to make a case....so make your case!"

Why do i want this direction?

I want to encourage all members to take a more active position in the work of keeping the forum safe.
I want members to see that it is part of their role here to report things to the Mod that might be against the rules.

This will help the member do the research needed to know what the rules are..

and this will cause the member to do a little bit of digging to find all the different spots where the owner has listed rules...(Remember the rules are not all stated in one easy to find spot, so you need to do a bit of looking around, but they are all enforced!).

and in doing the research, the member starts to see the point the owner had in creating the different rules that are in effect here....

and thus, the member begins to see that they are not just people that sit on the sidelines and complain, but rather they take an active role in the maintaining of the equal footing that all members share in here when all the rules are followed and enforced.

and....thats make this forum special to them...

and at that point, the "Mod" has nothing to do.......