View Full Version : New Hank Hanegraaff versus Old Hank Hanegraaff

11-18-2017, 07:13 PM

12-17-2017, 07:53 AM
On Facebook I get the Hank updates all the time...and over the last year I have seen how Hank now clearly is teaching things that would have gotten him fired had Walter Martin still been running the show.

I have always tried to cut Hank some slack due to his sickness, mostly because I felt that the meds he was on and the way the whole situation might tend to slant a person's ability to reason correctly might be the real cause of his change in teachings.

But right now Im starting to see that Hank simply is going off the deep end.
Im not sure if its a issue with his increased age?...or if this is just a path he wants to walk in regardless of any other reason?

All I do know for sure is that the more Hank attempts to defend himself from the criticisms of the members of the Christion church that have spoken out against his new teachings, the more Im convinced that Hank needs to be replaced...

His continued position where he sits in the chair of Martin is becoming very insulting to we who remember Martin.