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    little one

    Default Prophecy of Daniel Revealed

    Hello. I will try to explain about Daniel's prophecies which have been sealed up until these latter days.

    The Fourth Beast Kingdom that rose up out of the Sea is here upon the Earth at this moment.It is a Satanic Kingdom being completely diverse than the previous three kingdoms. Daniel 7:1-6...

    The people of the Fourth Beast Kingdom are the same Kingdom of Revelation 13:1-18, and there is a group of them,a rather large group of these ungodly beings.

    I claim to have the gift of prophecy,yet that could be dangerous and turn people away from listening to my visions that I also have had upon my bed and in my tent when I have and do venture into the wilderness.

    I will say this much for those who have an ear and a mouth to scruntize everything I say... Obama is the EXACTOR who will be destroyed without violence within a ''Few Days'' (Scriptural Few Years) as foretold by Daniel the prophet 11:20.

    Obama the EXACTOR is the same SEVENTH HEAD (Seventh King) who will continue for a ''short space'' as written in Revelation 17:10.

    Obama has the charisma and position to influence a WORLD WIDE GLOBAL EXACTING TAX, called a carbon emissions tax.

    Obama is the forerunner immediately prior to the Man of Sin appearing.

    Obama IS NOT the Anti-Messiah..... Obama is the person called the EXACTOR. Obama belongs to the Fourth Beast Kingdom who's members are a pertaining to a large group of individual people,and the number of the group's amount is 666. Six Hundred and Sixty Six individual persons. The Number of the Beast is in fact a specific ''CENSUS COUNT,POPULATION AMOUNT'' of ungodly beings.

    Now see, I have told you people part of the Mystery before the ''appointed time''.
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