Since there was in history several explosions of Christian growth, it seems to me there are two models of Christian growth to a State recognition. It took from the Apostles to Constantine that went from a minority group to majority. But the other model is the complete conversion of Ireland in a shorter period of time from St. Patrick's work of around 25 years to the 100 years after him affected by his disciples to convert all of Ireland. Both are inspired by the Holy Spirit, but circumstances were different. The first emcomp***ed a larger region that was very diverse, the later was a small country that was primarly Celtic. What Ethos do we see in the Christians of each model, how was the Logos delivery different, and what was the Pathos of the observers and audience that encountered these Christians?

Martyrdom, integrity and courage in the face of hostility, and several other factors seems foremost in the writings of these saints. I hope looking into this will encourage us in our own evangelical efforts.