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There are many heresys in all ages, perhaps you can find a quote for me. I am sure Islam's spread must have elicited some comments from the popes. Perhaps you can demonstrate. As is, all I can find suggests a consistency. What you are saying I am saying is, however, is false. If Christ is not present in the person's life, meaning he has never encountered Christ meaningfully, then he falls under the stipulations of the p***ages I have quoted. Muslims that are brought up believing Jesus is not God in the flesh have not encountered the Gospel meaningfully. They have a some error in their religious beliefs mixed in with some very truthful elements. But do not mistake the terms pagan with Islam, Islam is not paganism. It is not nature worship. They believe in one God just the same as Judaism. If Christ judges a person to be righteous at the end of the age, it is his perogative. As such, I think the p***ages I have given demonstrate a general application of that judgement.
I thought a pagan was a person who worships a false god, which is what Allah is?

Islam isn't a heresy, it's a false religion that teaches that our Lord and Savior is nothing more than a mere prophet. It denies most of what we hold to be Sacred, and is purely a works-based system of beliefs. Christ will not judge them to be righteous because they have rejected him as their Lord and Creator.

The fact Catholicism is teaching this now is proof that it's becoming more and more liberal. Catholicism used to out right condemn Protestants and said we were going to burn in hell, one can only imagine what they had to say about the Muslims.

You've yet to prove that Allah is the same God we or even the Jews worship. The only thing in common they have is that it's one God and they claim it's Abraham's God.