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    I recently found quite a few occult related sites on my brothers computer. i also found a lot on lucid dreaming, which i am not fimiliar with, so I was wondering if lucid dreaming is part of the occult?

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    The word "Occult" simply means 'hidden'. Since methods of lucid dreaming aren't known to many people it is most certainly hidden. However, lucid dreaming would not fit in with what most people would consider to be Occult. Lucid dreaming is just the ability to control your subconscious mind to the extent that you have control of your dreams. Really quite fun actually. Probably more fun than snooping through your brother's stuff.

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    Dreams have nothing to do with the Occult.

    Everyone dreams, it's a natural function of rest and regeneration of the body and mind.

    The occult is a vastly different thing connected to spiritualism .

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    as for the concept of "lucid dreaming", I think this effect happens to a lot of us all the time, but because we tend to forget our dreams as we wake we dont know it.

    But many times as a person gets more awake they will realize that "It's just a dream" and be able to take a bit more control of the experience.

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